Introduce a B2B platform to drive order generation direct from spaza to the eCommerce platform.

MAC eCom Platform

The disintermediation of the retail supply chain due to the introduction of internet and eCommerce is having a massive impact on how the Route to Market is designed. New tech entrants and partners aiming to go direct to the Customer creates a competitive landscape where margin and loyalty is hard to win. The MAC eCom Platform offers more than just an online store, introducing a B2B platform to drive order generation direct from spaza to the eCommerce platform.

Rapidly launch an eCommerce application allowing your Merchants and B2B retail Customers to order direct at their own convenience. Allowing you to get closer to your customer through simplifying the order process.

The power of this eCommerce platform allows you to simply create and manage your product catalogue with the added power of a virtual warehouse and dispatch module to process to prepare every order for delivery or collection.

MAC eCom Platform is suitable for:

Develop a Distinctive Value Proposition

Engage with your Customers

Work with your Customers to fully understand their needs, wants and desires in order to build perceived customer value and foster trust.

Build your Partnerships

Leverage the relationship with your vendors and partners to secure your product mix and offering to consistently add additional value.

Harness Competitive Advantage

Build on Product and Pricing

Build a complete product catalogue taking advantage of your existing assortments of goods with a built in smart pricing and discount engine.

Strengthen Dispatch

Connect orders to real time stock on hand to avoid potential dissatisfaction due to back orders in order streamline Call & Collects or Deliveries.

Scale Fulfillment Operations

Offer 24/7 Commerce

Reach a wider audience by offering an always on Sales Channel that allows your Merchants the ability to order when and where ever.

Incorporate Plug & Play

The end-to-end platform allows you to plug in existing or new services to streamline your Sales & Operations with ease.

Open the Marketplace

Plot your Audience

Start your eB2B Project Plan right by identifying your target audience that are most receptive to a Pilot to ease adoption.

Measure the Metrics that Count

Monitor Sales KPI dashboards to measure adoption and performance in order to make any updates or changes to ensure continuous success.

Take your next step towards
an eB2B eCommerce Platform

Drive order generation direct from spaza to the eCommerce platform

Built on Solid Solutions

The underlying software that makes up the MAC  eCom Platform has been built for and tested in FMCG Route to Market, particularly in the thriving and competitive market across Africa. Thousands of users across Africa trust MACmobile to simplify order generation and improve efficiency. This platform combines the ease of STOREApp and power of FIELDForce to allow you to get closer to your Customers.

MACmobile STOREApp Featured Image


STOREApp for FIELDForce is the B2B Mobile Commerce Platform enabling Retail and Merchant self-service sales within your RTM Channel.

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