Find a solution to cater for your vertical and sector within the FMCG Value Chain Industry

MACmobile has built industry specific software solutions to help get your Consumer Packaged Goods to market quicker and more effectively. We focus on the entire value chain to ensure you have complete line of sight of your stock, sales and customers at every link of the chain.

In a market where margins are tight and competition is tough, Returns on Investment and Optimizations gained through digitization and automation makes a massive impact on customer & employee experience as well as the top and bottom line. So, why not take advantage of our team of specialists who have an understanding of your industry needs.


MACmobile Industry-Agri

Food Production

Improve efficiencies at various points along the agri-food supply chain. Minimize input costs across the value chain to maximize margins.

MACmobile Industry-FnB

Food & Beverages

Distribution is at the core of getting products in the market and the cornerstone of building a successful food and beverage company. Leveraging a resourceful sales channel and rewards program ensures further success.

MACmobile Industry-CPG

Consumer Packaged Goods

Digitization creates a disruption and requires CPG companies to rethink the way they design their supply chain. Integrating sales, distribution, and retail execution to address the new customers' requirements, the supply side challenges, and the expectations in efficiency improvement.


Manufacturers & Pricipals

Being responsible for so many different aspects of Brand and Products can make designing and managing the distributions channels a challenging task, especially when it comes to determining a pricing optimization strategy. Considering the ever-changing, fast-paced market and customer demands, it can be hard to keep up with all the data and information. Having the right tolls to provide line of sight and actionable insights makes this task easier, especially when managing across multiple territories or countries.

Independent Distributors

Key to the continued success in the RTM supply chain, Distributors make fast moving products available to consumers by bridging the gap between manufacturers and retailers. This channel can be quite complex, incorporating Independent Distributors, Break Bulk Wholesalers and Stockists. Having the tools to managing inventory, routes and orders is crucial to keeping processes flowing and costs down.


Wholesalers play a pivotal role within the RTM channel and retail sector particularly for traditional trade. Providing valuable warehousing and break-bulk services while offering JIT access to valuable stock and sometimes credit facilities for smaller merchants. Having the tools to managing inventory, orders and customers is crucial to keeping processes flowing and pass along the costs savings to further support the local community.


To keeping stock on shelf is an important component in guaranteeing outstanding retail execution. Availability on shelf enables adoption, maintains awareness and prevents lost sales to competitors. Incorporating the smart technology to digitize, automate and ultimately streamline the practical processes, not only ensures customer satisfaction and consumer engagement but more importantly saves time, money, and energy.


Learn how businesses like yours are using MACmobile solutions to enhance productivity, save time, and drive revenue growth.


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