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The Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer plays a pivotal role in the FMCG Route to Market supply chain. Supply chains are becoming more complex, resulting in routes to market being optimised and digital channels being disrupted.

Providing a consistent supply of products to the entire RTM supply chain helps maintain the success of each company involved, but also builds the local community and economies they serve, specifically in the mainly untapped, hard to reach rural and peri-urban communities.

Technologies can help CPG Manufacturers:

Ensure RTM Channel Success

In an age of digital disruption and the disruption of the RTM supply chain, the need for support and co-operation is critical to remaining relevant and getting closer to your Customer. MACmobile provides the tools and solutions to empower your RTM Channel members while providing you the line of sight to make informed decisions. Thousands of users across Africa trust MACmobile to simplify order generation and improve efficiency across their RTM channels, particularly in the thriving and competitive market across Africa. Our offering combines the power of FIELDForce and  the ease of FIELDLoyalty to manage your distribution and allow you to get closer to your Customers.

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Field Loyalty & Rewards

REWARD BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE Build loyalty through rewarding behavioural change book assessment download ebook Loyalty is achieved through positively rewarding behaviour. FIELDLoyalty is a SaaS platform

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Streamline Inventory and Demand

Having line of sight of your inventory and the demand of your product offering is vital. Maintaining the balance between stock holding and the cost to serve is critical for a Manufacturer. Ensuring consistency across every engagement keeps the Customer Experience smooth and satisfactory.

Introduce eCommerce for Improved Presales

Bolster Deliveries and Van Sales with the power of an extra sales channel. Offering 24/7 service and customer care enables Presales to not only improve stock holding but increase forecasting accuracy for JIT efficiency.

Incentivize Adoption and Loyalty

Ensure the success of each Product, Sales team and Channel member by incentivizing positive behaviour change, mapped to specific and measurable targets and strategies.

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