MANAGE your operations

Provide the tools to manage and run your distribution and warehousing in one central web application.

Leverage the power of Digital Transformation and Business Process Automation. Consolidate Sales Force Automation (SFA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Fleet Management (FMS), Warehouse Management (WMS) and finance to create a single source of truth for your consumer goods distribution business.

With FIELDForce, you can empower your management by providing them the platform to manage people, improve productivity, reduce costs and gain valuable insights. Each individual, as an admin user, has access to the tools to run the distribution business in one central web application.

Distribution Manager

Manage your entire fleet from vehicle to driver. Generate and track route schedules while providing the tools for drivers to receive, deliver and return orders.

Manage the fleet

MACmobile distribution

Manage the Fleet

Record and maintain every vehicle within your fleet. Gain visibility on packing space and load capacity.

Run Vehicle Checklists

Create accountability through implementing daily checklist to ensure your fleet is handled with care.

Manage and Update Routes

Optimize your route schedules to reduce wasted time and fuel and increase customer satisfaction.

Handle the Stock Movement

Manage Shipment Dispatch

Maximize every shipment by understanding load capacity and the order of deliveries per route.

MACmobile warehouse

Handle Stock Settlement

Handle stock and damaged returns with ease by receiving and transferring between warehouses or to the correct location.

Manage Call & Collect

Allocate a department to handle walk in sales and manage the movement of stock.

Warehouse Manager

Set up your warehouse and stock locations in one simple platform. Mobilize your stock take, picking and dispatch. Have a clear view on inventory to know when to place plant orders.

Build and Manage the Warehouse

Warehouse Management

Improve productivity by ensuring the warehouse is adequality set up into locations, lots and bins.

Stock Management

Track stock levels through consistent stock take to reduce dead stock, stock shrinkage and theft.

Plant Order Management

Maintain stock levels with consistent replenishment through automated plant orders.

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Sales Manager and Admin

Track your Sales Department’s progress by keeping an eye on call cycles and strike rates to ensure your business reaches it’s KPIs.

Manage your Human Resources

Employee Management

Keep track of all staff and users in a single platform.

Call Cycle Management

Create and monitor all call cycles to ensure your sales are on track.

Monitor KPIs

Track and monitor key performance indicators for each person, role, and branch.

Manage your Sales Department

Customer Management

Look after key accounts with special account or product level discounts.

New Prospect Approval

Ensure the health of client expansion by vetting each new prospect before onboarding.

Track Sales Performance

Track and monitor sales with an in-depth dashboard and reporting tool.

Finance and Debtors

Managing your finances has never been this easy. Handle expense claims, cash settlement, and credits against orders. Have clear visibility of who owes you money.

Keep the books clean and running

Keep track on the Financials

At a glance understand the status of the financials with a trial balance and statements.

Debtor Management

Record and monitor your customers and how much is outstanding.

Cash Settlement

Settle any cash received in the field and allocate to the relevant customer.

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advanced distribution and warehousing

See for yourself how we have assisted large FMCG players and food & beverage distributors gain visibility on stock levels and optimize their distribution.


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