MANAGE your merchandising

Provide the tools to manage and mobilize your merchandising business with one mobile application.

Leverage the power of Digital Transformation and Business Process Automation. Consolidate Sales Force Automation (SFA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Forms to create a single source of truth for your consumer goods merchandising business.


With FIELDForce, you can empower your merchandising workforce by providing them the tools to engage their customers, track in-store execution, monitor performance against service level agreements and gain valuable insights.

People Management

Track your Merchandising Department’s progress by keeping an eye on call cycles and strike rates to ensure your business reaches its KPIs.

Manage your Workforce

Employee Management

Keep track of all staff and users in a single platform.

Create Permissions

Control access to information by creating user permissions.

Monitor KPIs for Remuneration

Track and monitor key performance indicators for each person, region, and brand.

Manage a user-friendly CRM ON THE GO

View Routes and Call Cycles

Take the guess work out and now your schedule to plan when and where you need to be.

Manage Customer Information

Access contact information or upload Geolocation info to keep the records up to date.

Collect Data through Forms

Meet soft KPI's through collecting in-trade data, promotion compliance, or competitor insight.

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Build Forms

Form Management has never been so easy. Build out logic and basic automation to ramp up your administrative productivity to save time.

Build custom no-code forms with ease

  • Wide variety of fields
  • Simple click to add
  • Drag to re-order
  • Marks as mandatory
  • Link fields to specific KPIs
  • Add related follow up questions
  • Add formulas
  • Manage compliance and scores
  • Insert reference images

Capture Forms

Fully fledged native mobile application with offline capability allows your Merchandisers always access data and reach remote areas.

execute with the power of off-line mobile apps

  • View and update call cycle
  • Log into customer
  • Confirm details and GPS location
  • View and select form
  • Full form functionality
  • Review form histroy
  • Exit Customer

Capture Forms

Execute and capture your progress in-trade while collecting valuable insights

Upload Photos

Upload your proof of activation photo to the image library

Scan Bardcodes

Easily scan barcodes from the app to capture a wealth of information

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