Mobilize your Field Force

Provide the mobile tools to engage and transact with customers in the field in one central mobile application.

Digital Transformation of your workforce need not be a scary task. Modify existing business processes for all external sales and field services to incorporate a mobile solution in each touch point or customer engagement. Leverage the power of cloud and mobile devices improve efficiency, automate process and improve customer satisfaction.

With FIELDForce, you can empower your workforce by providing them the tools to work on the go, access vital information, and more importantly, engage with their customers. Each individual, as a mobile user, has access to the tools to engage and transact with customers in the field in one central mobile application.

Pre Sales Orders

Ensure your Trade Marketers are on track with their call schedules and have the ability to update their customer details in real-time. Access order history, stock levels and generate in-trade orders.

Manage a user-friendly CRM ON THE GO

Manage and Update Accounts

Keep your account information up to date. Access or update customer details on the move.

Load New Prospects

Add new prospects when you come across a new merchant on your route.

View and Update Visit Notes

Keep track of any issues or notes attached to the customer.

The Sales Process designed for RTM distribution

View and Update Call Cycles

Track your daily call schedule and have the freedom to adjust your call cycle to cater for out of the blue calls or non-completions.

Add Product

Generate Orders

Keep your customer top of mind and capture pre-orders with the customer during the sales call.

View Stock Availability

Prevent irritating back orders with a real time view of stock availability at the warehouse.

Van Sales Drivers

Create flexibility in your route to market through offering Van Sales. Provide the driver with the ability to manage stock on board, generate van sales invoices, and settle cash sales.

Add the power of geo location and tagging


Route Planning

Using Maps from the app assists the drivers find the customer location and navigate the best route.


Geo Tagging

Customer login ensure reps and drivers are where they say they are and improves accountability.


Meta Data

All geo location meta data is stored allowing management to track sales to customers on a geographic spread.

MOVE THE right Stock

MACmobile warehouse

Shipment Acceptance

As part of the preload inspection before leaving dispatch the driver must accept receipt of stock to be loaded onto the vehicle.

Van Sale Delivery

Extra stock is allocated to the vehicle for ad hock sales. This new stock location is updated in the system.

Shipment Top Up and Recon

The driver has the ability to return to depot to top up stock, and on return conducts a recon of stock sold and returned.

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FIELDForce Driver Management

Simple Delivery Management

Empower your fleet of drivers and driver salesmen through mobile technology. Provide the driver with the ability to manage stock on board, settle cash sales and generate a clean nett invoice.

Track Moving Stock till the End

Manage Onboard Stock

Track stock movement from moment of loading for all pre sale orders and delivery.

Customer Stock Take

Ensure adequate merchant stock holding through understanding current stock on hand.

Product Returns

Manage Trade Returns

Capture all Returnable Stock and Empties that need to be replaced or return to the warehouse.

Offer an agile Sales Process with Technology

Cash Collection

Drivers can adjust the break down of payment to suite what the buyers has on hand, because collecting cash is a reality.

Generate Clean Nett Invoices

Offer a clean nett invoice, taking into account all order adjustments, removing the hassle of sorting out credit notes.

ePOD Signature

Sign directly in the FIELDForce app to incorporate digital signature to simplify the Proof of Delivery process.

Complete Forms

Collect valuable information from every engagement with the help of forms designed to build insight. Structured questionnaires and surveys help reps and drivers to collect vital information and record certain metrics.


Do Asset Verification

Verify that your assets are still in-store, fully operational, and correctly presented or stocked.

Promotion Compliance

Ensure pricing and placement compalince through consistant questioning.

FIELDForce CIC-Competitor Insight

Competitor Insight

Compile share of basket or share of shelf studies to gain market share figures.

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See for yourself how we have assisted large FMCG players and food & beverage distributors mobilize their sales force and generate clean nett invoices in-trade.


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