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Track & monitor your in-trade product promotion, brand activations and consumer competitions

Revolutionalise your last mile of your route to market. FIELDPromote offers a complete, intelligent solution for managing promotions, activations and competitions from conception to execution and beyond, to ensure maximum return on promotional spend.


Make sure your brand activations, in-trade promotions, and competitions are a success with optimal planning. Understand and capture the who, what and when paradigm for each and every campaign and activity.


Identify and allocate budgets and key resources required to make your product promotion or brand activation a success.

MACmobile Campaign


Build the primary and secondary objectives and go to market messaging for your product promotions or brand activations.


Compile a product promotion and brand activation roll out calendar to visualize your campaigns across products, regions and locations.


Select from a variety of proven in-trade mechanics to promote interactive engagement with consumers. There are two types of campaigns available to Marketing Managers and Activation Specialists. The mechanics for each is designed to for each specific strategic outcome.  Simply upload your custom artwork to make your campaign a brand success.

Promoter-Led Campaigns

Provide interactive promoter driven engagements via mobile devices while tracking winners, ensuring optimal use of promo kit.

Consumer-Led Campaigns

Enable the consumer to actively engage with your product or brand through a promoter-less promotion or competition.

Mechanic Designs


Deploying your promotion has never been so easy. Simplify every engagement with a platform that handles the winner selection and prize distribution while collecting key data to build out profiles and databases.


Electronic winner selection and prize issuing ensuring optimal use of Promo Kit and Budget. Ensure adequate spread and penetration with predetermined win ratio and prize composition will play a role in the outcome.​

FIELDPromote Winners
FIELDPromote Prizes


Prizes can be instant based on a win ratio or random draw at end of the activation, end of campaign or any interval like weekly, monthly etc. Any prize composition (different prizes) can be handled within one campaign and can be virtual (delivered via SMS) or physical.

Data Capture

A complete database is compiled with all the data will be collected for all winners and/or competition entries. Built in opt-in, age validations and T&C’s accept functionality exists to ensure POPI and GDPR compliance.​

FIELDPromote_data capture
FIELDPromote Close

Promotion Close

Promotion questionnaires can be configured to get more insights about outlets and promotion events. These avoid delayed, sugar coated versions currently provided by agencies.


FIELDPromote provides the ability for Marketing Managers and Activation Specialists the ability to actively monitor and track the performance of their promotions and promoters with detailed reports based on actual in-trade data collected.


Track and monitor individual promoters, promotional material, and prize winners

MACmobile Campaign


Monitor KPIs and objectives to actual outcomes for every campaign and activity


Compile and correlate product promotion and brand activation schedules to actual outcomes

FIELDPromote Features

FIELDPromote mobilizes your in-trade promotions by providing the tools to promote the product, engage with potential brand loyal customers, and capture valuable data.


Build and customize mechanics and deploy to as many activities as required

Cloud based

Ensure instant gratification and traceability with virtual prizes

Track & Monitor

Track and monitor the performance of promotions and promoters

FIELDPromote Benefits

Mobile First

Single Source of Truth

Audit Traills

FIELDPromote notebook


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