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Introduce a hassle free way of engaging with consumers while driving the KPIs that count

Reach a wider consumer audience with FIELDPromote for Consumer-Led Campaigns. Enable the consumer to actively engage with your product or brand through a promoter-less promotion or competition. Whether the objective is brand awareness or increased sales, choosing the mechanic and redemption process to suit your consumer has never been so easy.

Choose the Mechanic

Select from a variety of proven mechanics to drive certain metrics and outcomes – build awareness or drive sales. Match the complexity to outcomes. Simply use the packing or insert a code within the packing to entice a purchase.


Promote a bulk free entry competition using the existing barcode on the packaging. Launch a new product or promote product awareness using the last few digits.

QR Code

Promote a bulk free entry competition by inserting a QR Code on the packaging. Promote awareness and engagement within a more tech savvy audience.

Unique Code

Promote a a bulk paid entry competition by printing or inserting unique code inside the packing of your product. Influence the metric that matters most. Activity move product and drive sales.

Launch a new product or promote product awareness using the barcode on the packaging
QR Codes
Promote awareness and engagement by including a QR Code on the packaging
Unique Code
Drive product sales with unique codes printed or inserted inside the packaging
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Offer Redemption

Allow the consumer the simplest way to participate in the promotion, enter the competition or redeem their voucher.


SMS short codes are used to allow customers to opt-in to enter SMS competitions.


USSD menus are used to allow customers to opt-in to enter and engage with competitions.


A USSD-like, telco-agnostic platform is used to to allow customers to opt-in to enter and engage with competitions.

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Select a Winner

Simplify every engagement with a platform that handles the winner selection and prize distribution while collecting key data to build out profiles and databases.

Random Number Generator

A RNG platform is used to create random number between 0 and the total number of qualifying entries are generated.

FIELDPromote Winners


Electronic random winner selection and prize issuing ensures optimal use of Budget Allocation.

FIELDPromote Prizes


Virtual or physical prizes can be instant based on a win ratio or random draw.


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