Digitze your
promotions & activations

Mobilize your in-trade promoter and remove the hassle of capturing consumer information​

Digitize your in-trade promotions and activations with FIELDPromote for Promoter-Led Campaigns. Provide interactive consumer engagements via mobile devices while tracking winners, ensuring optimal use of promo kit and providing comprehensive reports and stats to evaluate all promotion elements.

Choose the Mechanic

Select from a variety of proven in-trade mechanics to promote interactive engagement with consumers. Simply upload your custom artwork to make your campaign a brand success.

Interactive Posters

Promotes upcoming events or product launch while incorporating interactive points within the creative design.

Scratch & Wins

Digitally replace the typical 'scratch card' allowing the user pick the 'correct' pack shot or image within the artwork.


Build a basic game that enables the user to build brand association in an entertaining and educational way.

Hot Spot Overlay
Allow for creative design where you need to point/identity something
Promotes upcoming events or product launch promotions
Typical 'scratch card' replacement where user pick the 'correct' pack shot
Shoot / Swipe
Basic game that promotes brand association
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Rapid Deployment

Allow your in-trade promoters do what they do best, engage with your potential brand loyal customers.


Standardized promotions offer quicker training and simplified on-boarding of new staff

Kiosk Mode

Lower the number of promoters by deploying kiosk style devices in selected outlets

Devices In-Trade

Give your promoters the mobility to engage with your customers in-trade

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Select a Winner

Simplify every engagement with a platform that handles the winner selection and prize distribution while collecting key data to build out profiles and databases.

Random Number Generator

A RNG platform is used to create random number between 0 and the total number of qualifying entries are generated.

FIELDPromote Winners


Electronic random winner selection and prize issuing ensures optimal use of Budget Allocation.

FIELDPromote Prizes


Virtual or physical prizes can be instant based on a win ratio or random draw.


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