Manage your Sales Reps Trade Marketers Orders

Run your CGP RTM Sales Operations in one central platform and gain line of sight of your sales, stock and finances.

Channel Sales & Operations

In the current market, balancing your entire CPG Route to Market requires you to relook your Sales & Operations. Within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market keeping customers satisfied is best done by balancing supply and demand. With low margins and lower product loyalty, it is vital to align all your sales channel initiatives with the supply chain. Help improve your efficiency by introducing a Sales Force Automation solution that simplifies order management and streamlines the call cycle process. FIELDForce is the platform designed specifically for the unique nature of sales and entrepreneurship within the CPG Route to Market.

Extending your RTM Sales Channel, particularly into the emerging markets is a challenging and complicated operation. Managing vast and varied distribution channels requires a thorough understanding of each segment. Our dynamic FIELDForce distribution system has been adapted to serve each of  these countries, regions and markets. 

As a manufacturer, FIELDForce ensures you have a complete view of the sales channel and key touch points within the supply chain, ensuring customer satisfaction and JIT delivery. We provide the tools to enable your distributors and wholesalers to better mobilize their daily delivery tasks and order management.

FIELDForce is suitable for:

People, Route and Touchpoints

Connect the RTM Channel

Connect each link in the value chain from manufacturer to distributor, break-bulk wholesaler and last mile specialist to the merchant and retailer.

Sales Force Management

Track and monitor the entire sales and field force from sales reps to trade marketers, merchandisers and drivers in one application.

Real Time Inventory View

View stock and inventory along the entire Channel to prevent stock pilling or shortages and allow consistent supply and sales.

Shift to Omnichannel RTM

Placing the customer at the forefront combined with a fully connected and automated RTM channel, allows every touchpoint to satisfy and delight.

Automation, Data and Insights

Automate the Mundane

Provide the tools to digitize and automate everyday tasks to make your sales and field force more efficient and effective.

Connect and Collect the Data

Connecting the data across the RTM Channel and all its touchpoints allows you to create line of sight and a single version of the truth.

Measure the Metrics that Count

Create a consolidated dashboard for the entire RTM Sales and Distribution channel to view the performance and health.

Forward Plan for Better JIT

Build better insight and forecasting based on real time sales and distribution activities and execution across the entire RTM to better optimize the supply chain.

Take your next step towards
RTM Sales & Operations excellence

RTM Sales & Operations comes together with a well planned, automated and mobile sales and distribution omnichannel.

FIELDForce Features

FIELDForce mobilizes your field force by providing them with the tools to access their call cycles, engage with their customers, and get the job done quickly.

Gain line of sight

Gain visibility of what is happening in your business in real-time with powerful dashboards and reports


This is a home grown product built for local distribution and can be localized or customized to suite any environment

Mobile First

Run your business from anywhere on the cloud and mobilize your most powerfull asset – your field force


Ensure your stock is moving by keeping your products on the shelf at the right price.


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