Ensure RTM Sales & Distribution success through rewarding positive consistent behaviour change.

Customer Engagement

In a time of economic turmoil, strengthening the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Route to Market supply chain is vital. Creating resilience by shifting to an integrated customer focused value chain is the first start. Next, build a value proposition that each customer along the RTM channel is willing to trust and engage with, with your brand, your products, and your company. Moving customers through their journey from adoption to retention is key to improving your Sales & Distribution efficiency. FIELDLoyalty is the platform designed specifically for the unique nature of sales and entrepreneurship within the CPG Route to Market.

Identifying who your customer is and what drives them is important in understanding them. A deeper understanding of your customers allows you to get clear messaging across and to incrementally begin  shifting some behaviours to support your RTM Sales Channel objectives. This enables you to further build and maintain trust particularly in the extremely competitive emerging markets. Even though this can be challenging and complicated, it is key to your long-term success.

FIELDLoyalty monitors all participants, tracking relevant transactions across key touch points within the supply chain ensuring you have a complete view of the sales channel and allocating the correct rewards direct to the virtual wallet as compensation.

FIELDLoyalty is suitable for:

Improve the Success of New Projects

Build a Change Management Plan

Create a complete view of the implementation plan and an understanding of what and who needs to be involved to ensure success.

Identify and Track Adoption Goals

Getting people to start using your services is a start, but keeping track of deployment progress helps ensure the onboarding success continues with future phases.

Reward Customer Loyalty

Build a B2B Loyalty Program

Build a strategic mechanism to create profitable long-term relationships with customers that align key KPIs to remain relevant and trustworthy while prioritizing relationships over sales.

Monitor and Track Real Time Behaviour

Capture and measure the right data across the RTM channel that tracks actions against the targeted behaviours that indicate retention and loyalty.

Introduce Voucher Redemption

Integrate Virtual Vouchers

Offer rewards that are valued and desired by the customer and are easily redeemed and consumed.

Link Vouchering to Stock

Streamline monthly stock allowance redemption by connecting outlets and a simple integrated voucher system.

Gain Line of Sight

Measure the Metrics that Count

Create a consolidated dashboard for the entire RTM Sales and Distribution channel to view the performance and health.

Keep Governance Intact

Align Program Policy, data collection and Reward Redemption to ensure good corporate governance for a healthy fund.

Take your next step towards
Customer Engagement excellence

Customer Engagement excellence comes from engaged and loyal customers and users

FIELDLoyalty Features

FIELDLoyalty simplifies tracking real-time sales and engagement while allocating valued rewards to compensate for consistent behaviour changes.

Influence buying patterns

Meet short- and long-term goals by affecting buying behaviour and driving consistent sales within the pipeline.

Reward compliance

Ensure every aspect of your product, promotion and pricing is adhered to and avoid the pitfalls of non-compliance.

Gain line of sight

Gain visibility of what is happening in your business in real-time with powerful dashboards and customizable reports.


Ensure your stock is moving by keeping your products on the shelf at the right price.


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